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Empress Posters


£3.50 P&P

We have recently produced three 'vintage' style prints, these are the perfect gift idea for the home or in the workplace.

Drawing on inspiration from the company’s days of excursions from the town, renowned artist Bradley Hutchings was commissioned to depict two periods of the golden age of coach travel – one from the 1930s, the other from the 1950s. Bradley is no stranger to East Sussex, and one of his best known local pieces is of the De La Warr Pavilion. Using old photographs of the Empress coaches from Steve’s private collection, Bradley was able to create these two stunning artworks.

The highly colourful A3 prints feature Empress’s first coach, a 1929 Dennis 20 seater, near to Hastings Pier with our founder Harry Phillips depicted riding his motorcycle into the shot! For the second image, Empress’s legendary Bedford OB Plaxton 29 seater, which Harry bought new in 1950 and was sold in 1972, can be seen waiting on the seafront near to Pelham Crescent, touting for potential customers for one of its many excursions.

Our third image is from the 1960’s and features one of our Bedford Plaxton 20 seat coaches on Hastings Seafront, a scene many will recognise straight away today!

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